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Identity is more than just a login box

It’s the experience of accessing experiences online — from brands to people.

So we knew we needed a brand identity that can work for everyone. One that can adapt and align to a broad set of products and services across multiple markets.

So, what does this look like?

Secure access
for everyone

Design shouldn’t be rigid.. or dull

In keeping with our product philosophy, we created a visual system that plays with the notions of velocity, flexibility, and modularity. A scalable brand that can evolve along with our company.

Our new suite of visual assets are bright, stylish, and embrace different dimensions through motion and 3D graphics.

Let’s take a visual tour around what’s changed.

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So fresh and so technical typefaces

We don’t believe in one font to rule them all. For large sizes, i.e. headings, booths, posters, e.t.c, we use a display font,Space Grotesk. For functional and long-form text, we’re using the Inter font.

Space Grotesk is the grotesque version of Space Mono (Colophon Foundry) Includes 5 weights and it’s free for both personal and commercial use
One of the our goals is to use a type that allows us to emphasize information to communicate meaning. Therefore, for the clarity needed for body copy we use the Inter font. However, for large sizes, i.e. headings, booths, posters, among others, we use a display font, Space Grotesk. Both fonts are open-source and available in Google Fonts.
Body Font
Inter is the font we use in paragraph text and small UI elements. In cases that Space Grotesk Font is not available, Inter may be substituted for headlines as well. Inter is our typeface. It is a geometric and simple font good for anything from headlines to text, specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility. It has been chosen specifically for it’s proven functionality in UI, ease of use and how it aligns with our brand principles. Inter is a free and open source font family.

Dynamic and vibrant colors

Our new color palette and gradients give us more options to play with, while also letting us delight the customer and provide consistency every step of their journey.

Pick your color to copy in the clipboard.

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Making the complex
look good

Due to the technical nature of authentication and authorization, we wanted to find a simpler way to distill these concepts into feature icons. This helps create some visual relief, and easy identification from web to product for our various features.

See everything in action at auth0.com

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